Samantha & Edward


Samantha & Edward Samantha & Edward's wedding happened in November 2020 during the lockdown. Even though the wedding guest numbers were restricted it was still a beautiful ceremony and reception. The wedding video begins with the bridal prep in the hotel and both the ceremony and reception took place in The Diamond Coast

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Chloe & Ross


Chloe & Ross Chloe & Ross's wedding took place in November 2020 and even though it happened during lockdown it was still a great day! The video started at the Church and after the ceremony, we moved to the reception which took place in The Ocean Sands Hotel, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo The photographer

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Mark & Lorraine


Mark & Lorraine Mark & Lorraine's wedding happened in August 2020. Even though the wedding happened during lockdown it was still a great days and the sun was shining! The wedding video began in Marks home house and also captured the bridal prep in The Castlecourt Hotel, Westport, Co. Mayo. The ceremony took place

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Emma & Andrew’s Wedding Video


Emma & Andrew - Wedding Film Video I really enjoyed shooting this wedding film for Emma & Andrew and they are one of nicest couples ever! The video begins with the groom prep in Kilronan Castle, Co. Roscommon and ends with the couples first dance. After shooting the groom prep I headed the

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Chloe & Padraig


Chloe & Padraig Video Chloe & Padraig are based in The U.K. and travelled back to Co. Mayo for their wedding. The video started from the bridal prep and ended with their first dance. Everything took place in The Broadhaven Bay Hotel, Co. Mayo It was a cold November day but the photographer

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Emma & James


Emma & James - Wedding Film Video Probably the most fun I've ever had shooting a wedding and Emma & James were so great to work for. The video begins in Emma's home house during the bridal prep and goes for the there to the ceremony in Monasteraden Church, Co. Sligo. After the

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Angela & Tomas


Angela & Tomás - Wedding Film Video This was a great day and a pleasure to be part of. The wedding video started at the ceremony in Balla and ends with the couples first dance in Belleek Castle, Ballina, Co. Mayo. It was a lovely sunny September day so the photographer got some

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Lorna & Colin


Lorna & Colin - Wedding Film Video I was delighted to be asked to shoot a Wedding Film for Colin & Lorna. The films begins with the Bridal Prep in Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo and the ceremony was about 5 minutes out the road from there. The Photographer on the day was Richard Mc

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Stephanie & Kieran


Stephanie & Kieran - Wedding Film Video This wedding took place in July 2019 and although there was some rain early in the day it was nice and sunny for the photoshoot later in the day. The video starts at the church and ends with the first dance in The Radisson Hotel, Sligo.

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Amanda & Kevin


Amanda & Kevin - Wedding Film Video I had great fun shooting this wedding film for Amanda & Kevin in 2019. The video begins with the bridal prep in Amanda's home house and ended with a Father-Daughter dance in The Radisson Hotel, Sligo. It was a gorgeous July day so the photographer got

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