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Realistic Fitness (Promo)


Realistic Fitness (Promotional Video) Video The owners of Realistic Fitness needed a promotional video for their new fitness classes. The main aim of the video was to show how the classes work and give clients a window into the benefits of getting involved in the classes. The shoot was of one class and

Realistic Fitness (Promo)2021-02-20T22:07:11+00:00

TNT Gym Sligo (Promotional Video)


TNT Gym - Promotional Video Video This was a video we created for a new gym in Sligo. The idea behind the video was to show off all the various types of equipment in the gym and the owners wanted the video to have a fast modern feel. The gym got permission from

TNT Gym Sligo (Promotional Video)2021-02-20T22:32:48+00:00