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Realistic Fitness Sligo (Ad)


Realistic Fitness (Ad) Video The owners of Realistic Fitness needed a last minute promotional ad for their new online fitness classes. The main aim of the video was to show how clients could workout from home and follow the instructors journey over 28 days. I got the call at 5:30pm, shot the video at

Realistic Fitness Sligo (Ad)2020-12-04T18:27:21+00:00

HiFi Wedding Band (Promo)


Wedding Band - Promotional Video Video The Wedding Band Hi Fi are a 4-piece band from Ireland. For this project they already had played live in a recording studio and just needed the video and put it all together. We decided on Markree Castle as the venue because I had remembered how beautiful the

HiFi Wedding Band (Promo)2020-12-04T19:11:16+00:00