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Take My Hand (Music Video)


Take My Hand - Music Video Video This music video was recorded in the studio with the band. Each band member was captured performing and then when the studio send the final master audio track it was added to the footage. Audio The audio for this song was recorded by the band in Vibe

Take My Hand (Music Video)2020-05-23T22:43:45+00:00

Just What I Needed (Music Video)


Just What I Needed - Music Video Video This was a music video which needed a 1970's style. It was a blend of new footage and stock footage from 1978. Audio Because the members of the band were at home all the audio for this project was transferred online and mixed at Pixel Productions

Just What I Needed (Music Video)2020-05-23T17:26:25+00:00

The Power Of Love (Music Video)


The Power Of Love - Music Video Video The idea for this project was of a band meeting for a rehearsal through the use of virtual reality! It involved shooting each band member in a different location and then shooting the full band performing the song together. The rehearsal scene was shot in The

The Power Of Love (Music Video)2020-05-23T22:46:10+00:00

Hi Fi (Band Promo)


Wedding Band - Promotional Video Video The Wedding Band Hi Fi are a 4-piece band from Ireland. For this project they already had played live in a recording studio and just needed the video and put it all together. We decided on Markree Castle as the venue because I had remembered how beautiful the room

Hi Fi (Band Promo)2020-05-23T22:08:11+00:00

Animation (Music Video)


Animated Music Video Video The members of the band could not meet in person for this video because of Covid-19 so the idea of an animated video was born. This type of a video can stand out as something different and you can have fun with it! Audio All the individual band members recorded remotely

Animation (Music Video)2020-12-01T13:17:51+00:00